Slip & Fall

While a slip and fall incident may initially be brushed off as a minor accident, the reality is that such accidents can have severe consequences, even if the victim doesn’t show immediate signs of injury. Whether the slip and fall occur in a public place or a friend’s home, the immediate response is often to downplay it as a clumsy moment, unless there’s an obvious injury like a broken bone. Regardless of the apparent severity of the injury, it’s crucial to take the following steps as quickly as possible:

  • For severe injuries, call 911 immediately.
  • Assess the pain and determine if a hospital visit is necessary for less severe injuries.
  • Take pictures of the area where the fall occurred, documenting any visible causes like spills or uneven surfaces.
  • Record the names of witnesses who were present during the incident.
  • Keep a comprehensive record of all doctor visits, medications, and paperwork.
  • Contact Attorney Garnes to discuss the situation and determine necessary actions for compensation.

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall accident, Attorney Garnes will conduct a thorough investigation to determine the events leading to the incident. She ensures that the responsible party is held accountable for providing adequate compensation. Settlements for slip and fall accidents may cover:

  • Medical Expenses: Including hospital stays, medications, exams, tests, and physical therapy. The settlement may also cover medical accessories like crutches and walkers.
  • Lost Wages: A slip-and-fall settlement can require the at-fault party to compensate for lost wages, including future income.
  • Emotional Harm: Victims may receive compensation for emotional harm, covering pain and suffering or therapy to address emotional issues arising from the accident.

Attorney Garnes is dedicated to ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve if a slip and fall injury results from negligence. She works diligently to hold those responsible accountable for failing to maintain a safe environment. No gimmicks, just a commitment to securing what you need for recovery, covering lost wages, and other expenses resulting from your injury.

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